Sometimes we can join with @pmchurch’s service from afar. Happy Sabbath!

Although there is no such thing as eternal youth, this sign made me think of the Tree of Life and the real source of Eternal Life. May we all find and understand what really matters and not be distracted by interesting but ultimately distracting and wasteful uses of time.


(That I Was Happy To Pay For)

Here are some tools that made my computing life measurably better this year. This is not a full account but just the things that pop immediately to mind. I believe in supporting the things I use. The developers of these things work hard and have families to support….

Sparrow for iPhone coming soon!

Amazon vs the World Infographic. Amazon needs to focus again. They do some things so well and yet are getting distracted with so many different major products.

Update: For some reason the graphic is staying blurred. Click on it to go to the original source. Something in Tumblr’s system is causing the issue but I’m not sure it can be corrected.


i’ve finally got my hands on the mbr1400.

at the moment i’m still waiting to find a uk power supply that can give it 12v at 1.5amps as the power unit that it came with was a stateside psu.

the mbr1400 is a great piece of kit for many reasons. the big ones are that it can run five…

Cambridge University releases digital copies of Isaac Newton’s works | The Verge

Thanks to Cambridge University and its digital library, six books of Sir Isaac Newton’s work on gravity and calculus — including Newton’s personal annotated copy of the seminal Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica — are sitting on digital shelves, ready for your perusal.

(via thisistheverge)

UNDERCITY by Andrew Wonder.

There’s something about going down into caves, catacombs, or other underground structures that fascinates me. One of the best parts of my trip to Turkey a few years back was crawling around through a catacomb system dug right out of the rock.

Thanks to Brent Hardinge for linking to this amazing video.


kinda like the idea of the usb extension if i could seal it into the router - the cable extension could run up inside a jacket and two phs300 could run in the back with two different ssid/networks/different providers — uk/euro (v3 nomad jacket upgrades maybe?) (Taken with instagram)

That would be great!